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Dear Anyone,

What's the best way to get it through a junior employee's head that their work is sub-standard without completely destroying the relationship? I have a project assistant who botches up so many calculations that I have to spend hours correcting them. Or I send the work back to her, and wait for hours while she plods through it. It's inefficient and driving me crazy. I want to give her a strong message, but I want things to remain civil, too. Advice?

PO'ed with the PA


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A:  You can't have it both ways. Tell her her work is crap, and watch the relationship sink but productivity soar.
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B:  Sit her down for a formal performance review. She can't fault you for pointing out deficiencies in a matter-of-fact way.
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C:  Get a higher up who doesn't have to work day to day with her to give her the smackdown.
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D:  Keep cleaning up her mistakes for her, but send her a copy of your work. She'll learn eventually.

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