Dear Anyone - work Advice  


  A:  Just ignore him he might try to be friends        33%
  B:  Try taking to him more        21%
  C:  Don't care about him it is his fault        20%
  D:  Just sit back and see what happens        26%
Total Votes: 1238

Dear Anyone,

OK, the other day I got in really big trouble at work. I almost got fired (I gave a friend of mine a discount when I shouldn't have). So, I was working the other day and my boss told me to come to his office to discuss my mistake. I got to his office and he told me the only way to keep my job was if I slept with him. But, it gets worse... my boss is 28 and I am 16. The thing is, I got this job to pay for my new car, and I don't want to lose it. But, I also don't want the fact that I slept with my much older boss to keep my job to be on my conscience forever. Please, I really need advice!!!

Almost Unemployed


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A:  You should just quit, no questions asked.
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B:  Call his bluff and ignore your boss. He won't fire you--he's just being a creep.
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C:  Just sleep with the pervert. At least you can keep your car.
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D:  Secretly tape record your boss discussing his "offer." Then file a sexual harassment lawsuit and you might win money enough for 5 cars.

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