Dear Anyone - work Advice  


  A:  Just ignore him he might try to be friends        33%
  B:  Try taking to him more        21%
  C:  Don't care about him it is his fault        20%
  D:  Just sit back and see what happens        26%
Total Votes: 1234

Dear Anyone,

I work in a highly competitive field. My supervisor is apathetic and not as smart as I am. One of my co-workers is boorish, always tries to be a martyr, one-ups others and makes it look like she works the hardest. Work used to be fun, but now I'm miserable. I'd love to quit and be my own boss, either freelancing or starting a business. I'm scared to take the risk because my husband and I have a toddler and we can't live on only one income. I have looked for other jobs but I really don't want to start at the bottom again re-earning leave time and seniority.

Miserable in the Mountains


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A:  Quit now. Whatever happens, happens. There's unemployment and food stamps until you find another job.
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B:  Quit, but only after you have a security blanket. Make sure you'll have another source of income before you give notice.
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C:  Ride it out. Things are bound to change eventually and you'll kick yourself if the people you can't get along with quit right after you do.
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D:  Take the high road. Do the best job you can and try to ignore the character flaws of others.

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