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Dear Anyone,

I've just accepted what sounds like a fantastic job but am a little worried about how it might conflict with my University studies. I'm a full-time 1st year student and made the employer aware of this at the interview when I was told it was shift work anywhere between the hours of 4am and 2am. They said although I can't choose my preferred hours, if I find a clash with Uni I can swap shifts with another employee. Lectures are no biggie to miss; I can get the notes for those online, but I can only miss so many tutorials and I can't miss exams or tests. Swapping shifts all the time might not go down too well. We get the rosters 2 weeks in advance which gives some leeway for arranging any clashes and with the broad hours I'm hoping there won't be too many. It sounds like a great job, I need the cash with my student loan mounting up. I just don't want my studies to be compromised in the name of money. What do you think?

Confused Kiwi


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A:  Go for it! If they've said you can swap shifts when you need to, you should take advantage of it.
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B:  Don't do it. Education is too important and your employers might not be happy with the chopping and changing of shifts.

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