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  A:  Confront him. Ask him about it directly.        40%
  B:  You're not really working with much evidence here. ...        32%
  C:  Tell the boss about it. Get him fired.        28%
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Dear Anyone,

I had made a terrible mistake two months ago! My father-in-law owns a small 15 person business that my wonderful husband and terrible brother-in-law work at. My husband and I get along great so when a vacant office manager position came along, I accepted their offer even though I am over-qualified. I was in HR at a large, national company and had a number of staff and diverse responsibilities. Now I am doing a/p, a/r and 'typing' letters, so this was a big career change. My father-in-law has a severe case of favouritism towards my brother-in-law who apparently is a 'manager' in the company. During my first week one of the employees quit because of my brother-in-law. He is very rude when talking to the staff, always causing people to get their backs up. My office is right beside my father-in-law who along with my brother in law, constantly bash the staff, including my husband. In their world, they are the only ones that could operate the company because apparently everyone else is an idiot! It makes me sad to hear this crap day in and day out, especially about my husband! My father in law never gives any praise to anyone, only correcting every single thing that isn't done his way. His instructions are terrible and he changes how he wants things done everyday. He has NO people skills and makes fun of people including anything to do with physical appearance. The gal before me left because of him. She was a chunky gal and he had the nerve to ask her if she weighed around 250 pounds! Another girl that is one of our suppliers lost a substantial amount of weight, is now pregnant and he asked her if she's going to get fat again! I had high hopes for this job, but I don't think it's going to work. My husband is rightly upset as he was pushing for me to work there and now feels that people will give him the gears. He is supposedly going to take ownership along with his brother of the company in the next year, but I don't think I can make it. I asked my husband to go too, but he said he's staying. My father in law owns our house and my husband's truck. I am afraid he is going to evict us if I quit, or raise our rent, which I'll have a hard time paying without an immediate job. I don't know what to do!!! Any advice?



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A:  Face it, your father-in-law pretty much owns you. Shut up and put up.
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B:  Quit and make sure that everybody knows why.
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C:  Start an office uprising against the management. Get everyone to go on strike or something until they get better treatment from these jerks.
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D:  Stay until you can find another job. This will make a good excuse for why you have to quit and will cushion you if your father-in-law raises your rent.

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