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  A:  Go full on confrontational about the note writing.        30%
  B:  Passive agressive wars can be entertaining. And as ...        28%
  C:  Ask Miss Manners. Nobody here really cares.        21%
  D:  You are unsuitable for employment in public. Get a ...        21%
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Dear Anyone,

I recently got a job at a well-established bank, and the work culture here is not what I expected. People are gone by 4:30 on Fridays, people take long lunches, and people are always wandering from office to office chatting. I came from a private company where everyone worked like slaves, and at the bank my bosses are always telling me to go home when I want to work late. I suppose I could slow things down, but I prefer a more dynamic environment. Besides, the bank can't fault me for working hard, can it? So should I keep working they way I like, or should I learn to embrace everyone's slacker ways?

Workaholic Suffering Withdrawal


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A:  Dude, you need to chill. If you're making a good living but not killing yourself, where's the downside?
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B:  Keep working as hard as you want. When it comes to the promotion, you'll be first in line.
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C:  Time to put the feelers out for a new job. The bank isn't for you, and your career will languish there.
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D:  Get into the office super early. It's easier to hide your workaholic ways before normal work hours rather than after.

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