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Dear Anyone,

I recently got a job as a recruiter that I really like. I had just moved back to the town where I grew up which is Fort Myers, Fl. The job was available in Fort Lauderdale, Fl only 2 hours away so I took it.

The only thing is the regional director in this area is a real pill. I can't stand her and she constantly makes me look bad.

There was a position open in the AZ/CA/NV area so I asked for the transfer and my boss said they would want somone over there in 7-10 months. Just the other day we talked and he told me that he knew the regional director was giving me a hard time. He said that they now had an opening in Fort Myers and he wanted me to consider taking that area.

I don't know what to do. I like my job but now I have to figure out where I want to do it! I also met my boyfriend here in Fort Lauderdale and we hit it off so well that he moved in. He is fine with moving anywhere I want to go but his friends and family are here and my friends and family are in Fort Myers, and we both kind of want a change of scenery...HELP!

Where do I belong


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A:  Stick it out! You just moved there and you shouldn't let one rude person chase you out!
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B:  Transfer back to Fort Myers, you'll have your friends and family there and most likely a nicer regional director to work with.
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C:  Hold out for would be new adventure.
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D:  Stay put, but look for another job. You shouldn't have to put up with someone making you look bad and jeopardizing your job!!

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