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  D:  Turn down the job offer and wait to see if an even ...        24%
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Dear Anyone,

I work with my mum in the same restaurant. I've worked there for two years and she's not even been there for 6 months. My dad's really strict about my work so I don't tell him what really goes on there but lately mum's been saying what goes on right in front of him and he goes nuts. It's my workplace; I was there first. It's got nothing to do with dad and I think he's got no right to tell me off.

Working bee


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A:  Cut the problem off at the source. Tell your mother to keep quiet about what goes on at work.
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B:  Tell your dad to stay out of work-related matters.
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C:  If it's such a big deal, just quit your job!
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D:  Just don't do anything at work that would get you in trouble with your dad.

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