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Dear Anyone,

I work for a smallish company. We have a dress code, but lately there are two women who don't seem to care what they wear to work, and every time you have to talk to them, you have to look away because their necklines are so low that you can see the color of their brassieres. Just hanging out all over for whoever wants to look. I think this is disgusting for a workplace. I've spoken about it with my supervisor, and one of the girls has been spoken to politely about wearing proper attire, but she doesn't get it. She still does it! We'd go higher, but one of the higher ups does it too. What do we have to do to make these girls understand that we don't want to have bazooms in our faces at work? We're sitting down most of the day, and when one of them comes to ask a question, you turn from your low seat, and there they are. How do we make these girls understand without being rude?

Shocked in Rhode Island


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A:  Write an email to them stating the truth: that they look cheap and it's no way to dress in the workplace.
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B:  Go higher than the higher up and complain. You need executive intervention here.
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C:  Make off-hand comments like, "Oh, it's a pink bra today." After a while, they should get it.
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D:  Wear blinders. These bazooms aren't going away.

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