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Dear Anyone,

A few months ago, I took a temporary position at the local Wal-Mart as an overnight grocery stocker. Although there are some decent people working this department, the majority of them are lazy slackers. Luckily, I impressed management, but recently, most of the good people have moved on to other departments. At the end of my two-month temporary period, I was told that there were no positions open in grocery. I was instead transferred to the easiest department in the store.

Just a few weeks before I was moved, I overheard some members of management talking about how they were weeding out the useless members of grocery by moving the good stockers to other departments. I don't think it's just a coincidence that I was moved to the easiest department in the store just a few weeks after this plan went into effect. There's just one problem with this little arrangement: I've started feeling a bit guilty that the few decent members of grocery left in the department have to carry the weight of the slackers, and I've been wondering whether I deserved to be moved to the easy department. Any advice?

The Wandering Stocker


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A:  Ignore your feelings of guilt, don't let any of your former coworkers guilt-trip you, and enjoy your new department!
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B:  Talk to your manager and find out if your suspicions are true. Act from there.
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C:  Talk to your manager and ask for a transfer back to grocery. They obviously need some help over there.
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D:  Anonymously warn your former coworkers about this plan.

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