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Dear Anyone,

What's the best response when a superior dresses you down for something you know you did wrong? Last week, I totally missed a deadline that was my job to keep track of. We worked things out with the client, but my boss was ticked off. He barged into my office and said all sorts of nasty things, like calling me "useless" and "an idiot." I know it was my bad, but I don't know if I deserved that kind of humiliation. What's the sensible response here?

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A:  Suck it up. If it was your bad, you're gonna have to take the hit and move on.
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B:  Kill your boss with kindness. Apologize for your mistake with a box of chocolates, and maybe your boss will feel bad and apologize for being a jerk.
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C:  Go above your boss. Talk to senior management and tell them your boss' "management style" isn't working for you.
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D:  Fight fire with fire. Next time, stick up for yourself and yell back. Your boss won't respect you if you're a wimp.

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