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Dear Anyone,

I'm a teaching assistant at a large university. I share an office with about 20 other TAs and there are 10 computers in the office, one on every other desk. The idea is that we're supposed to share. My desk is not one that has a computer on it, so today when I needed to show a student something online, I sat down at the empty desk next to mine and logged on. Here's the problem: very soon after, "Jane," the girl whose desk it was came in and demanded that I get off of HER computer because she had to work on her thesis. I'm not much for confrontation, so I got up quickly and moved, even though it embarressed me in front of the student and several other of my students who were waiting- they probably think I was using a personal possession without permission. What should I have done?

Ticked Off TA


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A:  That computer wasn't "her computer." Remind Jane of the rules and refuse to move.
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B:  Let it go. Jane is graduating soon anyway.
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C:  Try a sarcastic prank. Post a note on the computer monitor that says: "Keep off! This computer is the exclusive property of Jane"
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D:  Take the passive-aggressive route: bake her some cookies and spit in the batter.

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