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  B:  3-6 months sacrifice for a chance to get a steady ...        21%
  C:  Get a part-time internship and pick up a waitering ...        24%
  D:  It depends on where the internship is. A superstar ...        22%
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Dear Anyone,

My manager at work is useless. She has sacked hard-working people for being late twice and for making the odd error. But she still won't fire another lazy person ("Jan") who is incapable of doing her job and always asks me and other colleagues how to do the work. Jan has been there 9 months longer than me and I am very suprised she is still in the job. When my manager and coaches go home, we still have 1-2 hours before we can go home. All she does is wander about the workplace, surf the internet and sit in her car. The rest of us do work till the end of our shift. What little work Jan does is full of mistakes. I and 2 other colleagues had to correct her work during her day off. What should we do?

Angry and P****d off


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A:  Get the team together and discuss frustrations about Jan with your useless manager.
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B:  Ignore Jan when she asks for help. She will eventually get the message and probably crash and burn.
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C:  Shout "Jan this account is full of mistakes!" when the rest are working on accounts and know she worked on them.
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D:  Confront Jan and tell her she's got to get her act together.

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