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Dear Anyone,

I'm a pretty laid back kind of person. I don't mind other people using my things. I'm not going to get bent out of shape over every mistake I or a coworker makes. I do however have a coworker who seems to be irked by my laid backness. I am equally irked by my coworker's anal streak. She writes her name on everything she brings to work. She even writes other's names on their stuff. She leaves these passive aggressive notes like "if you're going to use this area at least make an effort to keep it clean." There are not that many employees here, only two others. If the notes were directed toward another coworker I'm sure she would badmouth them to me because that's just how she is. I don't think I'm that untidy. Maybe I ate some popcorn that didn't belong to me once but I wouldn't be upset if someone ate my popcorn. I'd really like to tell her to get a life but her father is our boss. I know this is petty but every week there is a new note. Why can't she just say something? Her dad is the same way so I don't feel comfortable talking to him about it. I usually don't have a problem speaking my mind but these people are so uptight. Am I being unprofessional? Have I committed a workplace sin so horrid that it can't be spoken about aloud? Do people all over the world dread working with people like me who just do what they're supposed to and don't really worry about what everyone else is doing?



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A:  Go full on confrontational about the note writing.
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B:  Passive agressive wars can be entertaining. And ask her about her childhood.
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C:  Ask Miss Manners. Nobody here really cares.
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D:  You are unsuitable for employment in public. Get a job that you can do from home you reckless slob.

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