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Dear Anyone,

A co-worker of mine is a very friendly person, and gets along with everyone in the office. The problem is that she never shuts up! She often comes to me and talks down other staff. I know that she in all likelihood cuts me down when she is chatting with others. I have told her before that she needs to speak to the person whom she is angry with, but that is not her style. Several times I have simply walked a way from her when she is talking!

I hate to hurt her feelings by telling her to just shut up, but her gossip has gotten her on the supervisors "crap list," and I am afraid that I could be next because she does often talk to me. What should I do?

Tired of the Gossip


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A:  Tell her to shut up and don't worry about her feelings, because she isn't worried about anyone elses.
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B:  Talk to your supervisor. Let him know that this person gossips and it's not your fault that she talks to you.
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C:  Grin and bear it. You can't love everyone in the office.
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D:  Continue to walk a way when she starts the gossiping. She'll get the hint soon enough.

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