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Dear Anyone,

I am a 22 year-old former student of a Fine Arts College and I've recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Media Arts/Animation. During my last year or so at school I realized I didn't learning everything I should have learned, but I stayed and had the hopes that I would get out with a good chance to find a job. However, I realize that I'm not ready to look for a job in my field based on my current skill level. I plan to go to another school in a year and recently found one I believe will teach me all the things my previous school has not, but I'm currently without a job and looking for any job in order to pay off loans from my first school. Is taking out another loan to apply at another school worth going into further debt? Should I continue to pursue a dream I feel the last school left unfufilled, despite the debt, or should I wait and risk losing sight of my goal?

To Learn Or Not To Learn


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A:  You owe it to yourself to get all the knowledge needed to succeed, and if that means having a bigger debt, then so be it.
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B:  Pay down some debt first, then think about going back to school. Don't bite off more debt than you can chew.
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C:  Forget about more school. You can't afford it, so just look for a normal job and join the rat race like the rest of us.
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D:  Keep trying to find your dream job--now. Haven't you heard of learning on the job?

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