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Dear Anyone,

I just started a new job at software engineering company. I've been on the job two weeks. Here's my problem: I just found out that my brother is going to have his knee replacement surgery done next week. He lives in another province, and I'd really like to take a few days off to make sure he's OK when he gets home from the hospital. He lives by himself, and he won't be able to get around very well on his own. Is it a total faux pas to ask for vacation time in your third week of work? I don't want people to think I'm a slacker.

Worried About My Brother in Hamilton


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A:  Of course you should ask for time off. You have a solid medical reason, so why not?
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B:  Forget the time off. Your brother is not in an emergency, and you're going to tick off your bosses.
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C:  If you want to show your brother you care, just pay for a nurse to visit him at home. That way, everyone wins.
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D:  Ask a co-worker about the boss. If the boss is easy-going, then ask for time off. If he or she's a grump, forget it.

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