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Dear Anyone,

Is it possible to go to school full time, and work full time? I know people have done it, but if I want to go into nursing and become an RN, is that a realistic goal? I am very concerned about paying the bills, etc., but I also want to get my schooling out of the way too. I don't want to be in debt before I am 25.

Broke in Ohio


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A:  Go to school part time. Working and paying the bills is a more realistic goal. So what if it takes longer to graduate? What's the hurry?
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B:  Full-time school and work is possible. How determined are you? If the answer is "very determined," then go for it. Otherwise, forget it.
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C:  Go to school full time and work part time. Working full time will kill you. You'll be able to afford necessities, but not a lot of extras.
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D:  Don't be scared to take on some manageable debt. There's bad debt (Visa bills for spending sprees) and good debt (investing in your future career).

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