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Dear Anyone,

I just started working as an intern graphic designer for about two months. (I graduated in a totally different course and changed my career.) I am the only female and the youngest (oldest at 50 years old) at this very small company that employs only six people in the whole office.

Everything started great and work life was quite normal for an intern: praise or criticized by the boss associate and my other two colleagues. (My two bosses don't care about office politics.)

Lately, I noticed that they all started criticizing me even for the most minor mistakes--especially the boss associate. He does have depression and he says he's on depression pills but his temper is getting worse. My other two colleagues on the other hand are quite easy on me but the oldest one is giving off hints and saying stuff about prostitutes, sleeping around and stuff like that. I just pretend I didn't hear every time he does that. But he does it anyway and everyday at anytime at the office or when we all go out for lunch. I feel they don't respect woman. What should I do? I can't leave the job because I have 0 experience.

Can't I get some respect ?


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A:  Nicely ask your co-workers to be easy on you as your learning and that you don't want to hear about their dirty little secrets.
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B:  Everytime someone says something you don't want to hear, blow off your air horn.
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C:  Put up and shut up. It's your first job.
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D:  Try to find another job and then quit as soon as you can.

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