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Dear Anyone,

When I graduated college I found a job right away as a recruiter. My boss has been great. He gave me a chance even though I didn't have experience. Recently I found a better opportunity. The money, job description, and perks sound wonderful. I've put in 7 months with my company and I feel very torn about leaving but since my boyfriend moved out I have a lot more expenses and I've been falling behind. What should I do?

Torn in FL


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A:  Don't worry about letting down your company, they are thinking about their best interest and you should too.
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B:  Tell your boss that you've been offered another opportunity and see if he offers to step up your pay a little bit.
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C:  Turn down the job offer, you may not like it as much and then you'll be stuck there.
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D:  Turn down the job offer and wait to see if an even better opportunity comes along.

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