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Dear Anyone,

I work at a financial investment firm. I was recently assigned a new personal secretary, and she's HOT HOT HOT! She's single, and I'm single, and we've developed a pretty flirty relationship. We're around the same age, share many of the same hobbies, and it turns out that our sisters are fairly good friends. So we both have the inside goods on each other, and everything seems to check out with her. So, should I dip my pen in the company ink? I think it wouldn't look great with the firm, but sometimes you only have one chance at love, right? I'm 99% sure that if I ask her out she'll say yes.

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A:  Go for it, but keep things on the sly. No one needs to know until something goes really good or really bad.
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B:  Forget it. Do you want your professional reputation in tatters?
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C:  If you think there's real potential here, then someone has to quit before the real hanky-panky starts.
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D:  Date her, and announce it loud and proud. Heck, it's the 21st century and anything goes.

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