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Dear Anyone,

I work at a restaurant as a waitress. You all know that waitresses depends mostly on tips not checks! Here's the problem there's a fellow who works with me who I have suspected of stealing the tips. He pulled out the money from his pocket one day, I'm guessing because he felt guilty. He says, "Oh I forgot, I was looking all over for you." But I don't believe him. I constantly check on the tips and leave it there sometimes to see if I get it later on, but I don't! What should I do? I really need the money nowadays. I need money to go out.

Curiosly Broke


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A:  Confront him. Ask him about it directly.
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B:  You're not really working with much evidence here. Don't make a move unless you're completely sure.
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C:  Tell the boss about it. Get him fired.

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