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Dear Anyone,

I work for a small internet company and I have been here for 5 years. I love my boss and have enjoyed working here, but a year ago January we hired a part-time receptionist. The first year we got along great, but then she got very judgmental. She is very thin and I am overweight, so she started to make comments about my weight and would watch and make comments about everything I ate. She also got judgmental on my standards in men and my clothes. My boss would join in, so I sent them an email asking them to stop, and ever since I have been treated like an outsider and don't feel I like to work here anymore.

My boss complains that I am distant but I just come in and do my work and keep to myself. I am tired of trying to fit in and they have become very "buddy buddy," so I am not feeling like I am part of the clique. If I go off to lunch and don't tell my boss where I am going and don't ask her to come along, she gets all mad at me! With the way they treat me, I am tired of being nice and don't want to offer to get them lunch. How do I keep the peace?

Confused In Burlington


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A:  You're paid to do a job, not be anyone's friend. They're the ones who insulted you, so don't feel like to need to make a special effort.
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B:  Just try to be pleasant and ignore their catty comments. You spend too much time at work to be isolated and miserable the whole time.
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C:  Divide and conquer. Talk to your boss and ask her out to lunch more, but ice the receptionist. You might break their bond that way.
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D:  Lose weight and get a wardrobe makeover. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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