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Dear Anyone,

Today I had a major fight with Tania and I spoke to our Human Resources person. Tania (the manager)has been picking fights with everyone. She fought with Nancy, she fought with Regina who is the quietest person on the face of the planet. Today I was at Lennys terminal because I needed to look up a phone number.Tania saw me and said can I see you for a second. When I was in her office she then told me that I should not ever talk to my coworkers, that we are here to work, not talk to one another. Well that is when I said to her why was she fighting with everyone. And she said if my coworkers have a problem with her then my coworkers should tell her. I said to her that she is not the owner of the company that the CEO of our company is. That she is just an employee like the rest of us. She told me that if I am not happy I should do what makes me happy and I should call Human Resources. So I told I will and I did. She said she will give me the phone number to call but first she has to call and tell them to expect my call. She did that and ten minutes later I spoke to James of HR privately so no one else could hear what I told him.I told him everything about her, how she is fighting with everyone, how she does not want us to talk to one another, how she wont let us go in the break room during the day to have a cup of coffee.I also told him that on Friday when she went out to a meeting everyone was so relaxed, that they did their work but they had fun doing it and we all took brakes to speak to one another.He said that when the Regional comes back from vacation he will talk to her.James could not believe what he was hearing. What do u think?



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