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  A:  Have sex. whatever, you're old enough.        33%
  B:  Tell him to hold off for a few months even though ...        26%
  C:  Tell him not anytime soon because you don't want t ...        22%
  D:  This is too early to have sex. Just maintain a fr ...        20%
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Dear Anyone,

I am 13 years old and I was going out with this guy that I liked a lot. Some people at school told me he was cheating on me so I broke up with him. After we broke up I found out he wasn't cheating on me after all. The next day I found out he started going out with his ex-girlfriend. I was really upset.

I am now going out with a guy because he likes me a little too much. I felt sorry for him so I am going out with him. My ex-boyfriend and I still like each other but I just have to wait until he breaks up with his girlfriend. The problem is: how do I break up with my current boyfriend? He calls 20 million times a day! I feel so bad because he tells me he loves me and he doesn't know what he would do if I broke up with him. How do I get out of this mess?

Lost Love/Confused!!


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A:  No use in hurting this guys feelings. Keep going out with him for a while. Maybe he'll mellow out.
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B:  Why would you date someone just because they really like you? If you aren't into him, end it!
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C:  Tell your ex that you're sorry for breaking up with him and that you want to get back together.
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D:  If this guy keeps calling you constantly, don't answer. Ever hear of call display!?

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