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  A:  Introduce yourself in a social setting like a foot ...        42%
  B:  Ask him to winter formal.        26%
  C:  Just forget about him.        33%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been friends with this guy named Kyle for a little over three years. He was engaged even before I knew him, so I always thought of him as a best friend and nothing more. I could tell him anything I ever needed to without being embarassed.

One night, he called to tell me that he had broken off his engagement with this girl he barely even knew. I knew her to be quite a bossy, controlling person who would rip his heart in two in no less than a second. I told him this, but he got to know her and he likes her. I told him how I truely felt about him. I loved him with all my heart. He told me he didn't feel the same. Now, everytime he brings her up- we end up fighting about it. I have a boyfriend, but somehow, I'm still emotionally attatched to Kyle. What do I do?

Lost and not so lonely.


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A:  Keep reminding him of why you love him. He needs to know.
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B:  Back him up in his relationship. You'll come out on top.
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C:  Pretend you never told him you loved him. Pay attention to your man.
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D:  End all ties with him right now. This can't be good for anyone.

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