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  B:  Don t worry        46%
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Dear Anyone,

This one guy with whom I was really good friend, with whom I told almost everything, who liked me and I told him I did not like him that way but just as a friend. Well we stayed as friends and after that I thought he accepted that we were just friend, but like 6 months ago I had a horrible month, my friend died and my boyfriend broke up with me. So I went out with my friend and one of our other friends. I was extremely drunk and we went to my friend house whom I thought did not like me anymore. Since I was drunk, he ended up telling his other friend to leave. I am like basically passed out on the couch and he starts kissing me. I don't even know what I was doing, then he started taking off my clothes and he basically raped me. I remember a little but was passed out most of it he tried to convince me first that we did not do anything, then second that he had been drinking too. When I later asked the other friend and he said he had been with him all day and he did not drink at all what should I do he still wants to be friends



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A:  You should just ignore him and not do anything about it
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B:  You should report it otherwise you will regret
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C:  You should forgive him and stay friends

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