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  A:  Date him! So what if your not attracted and your f ...        29%
  B:  Be friends and hope for the best        26%
  C:  Loose all contact, it's not worth it        19%
  D:  Date him in secret, tell him you are not allowed t ...        26%
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Dear Anyone,

OK, so I just broke up with my girlfriend of 18 months (I broke up with HER), and there's this other girl. The thing is that we've been together many times in the past and she hasn't been that great of a girlfriend. She would sometimes ignore me, and even avoid me. However, this time I think she means it, and I think that we could make it work this time, seeing she's 13 now. Also, several of my relatives have advised me against this, even though I would like to try again. I just need advice from someone besides my family and friends!



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A:  Don't get back with her. It's unlikely she'll go from "ignoring" you to "feeling" you at the drop of a hat.
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B:  Go ahead and get back with her. With age, she has probably matured and learned how to build a stable relationship.
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C:  Wait a little longer before making a decision. You did just break up with someone.
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D:  It doesn't matter if this girl has changed. If your relatives are against this girl, take their advice.

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