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  A:  Date him! So what if your not attracted and your f ...        30%
  B:  Be friends and hope for the best        25%
  C:  Loose all contact, it's not worth it        20%
  D:  Date him in secret, tell him you are not allowed t ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

My boyfriend is always rapping on the phone and never talks about the problems in our relationship and I sometimes feel that he doesn't like me anymore. Everytime I ask him about us he says "I dont know what you are talking about" and I say that is the probem; you never know what I'm talking about. So I started talking to other people and I found someone special! What shall I do: stay with my boyfriend or go to the one that shows me the love and affection I need?

Confused in Charleston


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A:  Work out the problem with your boyfriend!
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B:  Go to the one that shows you the love and affection that you need.
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C:  Go to the one you really love.

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