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  A:  Date him! So what if your not attracted and your f ...        30%
  B:  Be friends and hope for the best        25%
  C:  Loose all contact, it's not worth it        20%
  D:  Date him in secret, tell him you are not allowed t ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I really like this guy at my school and he is super hot, nice, funny, everything a girl could ask for in a guy.

I've been to his house, on many dates, but he just won't ask me out. Is he playing fake?

What should I do? Should I make a move on him?

Waiting for answers


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A:  Let him know how you feel, see what he says, things will fall in place
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B:  Girl, you should dump him, he is just messing around with you, you know how guys are
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C:  Just don't worry about it, maybe he is just scared and nervous, if things are going the way they are, then things will set its self in place
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D:  Cheat on him, see if you like anyone better, but don't let him no, and if you find someone better, then dump him

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