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Dear Anyone,

My boyfriend and I have not seen each other in over four years. One afternoon he just called me out of nowhere, and now we have been dating for about 3 years. Through those 3 years I haven't seen him once (so combined I haven't seen in person in about five years). But we have exchanged pictures. I cannot date till I am 16, and I turn 16 on May 25, so now he complains about not seeing me and he hardly ever calls. Now that I moved we live about a hour and a half apart, so we are in a long distance relationship. I really love this guy very much, but I think he's cheating on me and I have no way to find out if it's true.

In need of help!


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A:  Explain your situation to him and convince him to wait for you till you turn 16.
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B:  Move on.
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C:  Keep talking to him and let things progress naturally.
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D:  Don't waste your time with someone you haven't seen since the 5th grade. Find someone else.

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