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Dear Anyone,

I have been talking to this guy, but after class sometimes he will walk with one of his friends--which is perfectly fine, but, they push each other and act a little immature. It wouldn't bother me as much maybe if I knew him more, and we all joked around, but I feel like he could be a total moron! Also he always says little things like "you wish you were as cool as me". For some reason I'm still sort of attracted to him. I don't know WHAT TO DO!

Oh So Confuzed


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A:  Forget this guy, he seems way too immature, and you can probably do better with little effort
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B:  Give the guy a chance, you're in high school for God's sake! This is just an average guy's behavior.
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C:  Hang out with him outside of school. You never know until you really get to know a person.
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D:  He's probably just sort of nervous, and jokes around with his buddy to get his mind off the tension when you come around.

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