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  A:  Learn to move on. He is not worth your time        36%
  B:  Ask him out.        23%
  C:  Talk to him and see how he feels about you        18%
  D:  Wait for him to ask you out. If he doesn't, then m ...        23%
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Dear Anyone,

I moved from my old neighborhood and moved to a new neighborhood. Before I moved, my friends promised me we would stay in touch. I've known them since elementary school, and we are now in high school. At first, we would stay in touch and now we only talk if I call them. I would understand if I moved miles away, but I'm only 5 minutes from where they live. Before I moved, I promised them that in senior year, I was going to go back to graduate with them. Well, senior year is almost here and I think, since we aren't really in touch, "Who am I going to go back to?" Because actually, I'm doing better at this other school, and the only reason I was going to go back was just to graduate with my friends.

School Daze in Texas


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A:  If you're doing better at your new school, just stay there and forget your so-called friends.
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C:  Talk to your friends about how you feel. Unless they apologize and beg you to transfer back, don't bother.
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D:  Not only should you not transfer, you should tell you friends to buzz off. You don't need fairweather friends in your life.

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