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  A:  Continue being his best friend and just let whatev ...        33%
  B:  Ask a friend to get a read on how he feels about you.        24%
  C:  Express your emotions and ask him out.        21%
  D:  Just walk right up to him one day and kiss him.        23%
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Dear Anyone,

A few weeks ago I went on a class trip to a theme park. There was a big group of us. I think around six girls and two boys. One of the boys I really liked, too. Let's call him "Harry." Anyway, after a while, there were only two girls and the two boys left in the group. Well, one boy, we'll call him "Timmy," likes the girl that was with us, who we'll call her "Chelsea." I think she may like him, too. My point here is... since I liked Harry and Timmy liked Chelsea, could I have been the only one thinking it was like a date? I don't know if Harry likes me or not, but we've talked on the phone (stupid reasons) a little. I just don't know. He's sending me mixed signals. He knows I like him. I made it fairy obvious. But I don't know what to do about any of it...

A Confused Girl In The Heartland


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A:  It sounds like a date to me. The two guys probably weaseled their way into some "alone time" with you two girls, so things are looking good.
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B:  Give him a little time. Harry might like you, but teenage boys aren't the most confident creatures on the planet. Just be patient.
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C:  Turn your attention elsewhere, sweetie. If he liked you, he would have done something already.
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D:  Pick up the phone, call Harry, and ask him straight out if he likes you. What have you got to lose?

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