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  A:  Try to help him with being open        40%
  B:  Quit telling him how you feel. You're scaring him.        28%
  C:  Wait it out. He'll get used to it.        32%
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Dear Anyone,

I like my best friend's ex boyfriend. And she still loves him and so does he. But she has this other boyfriend. And she loves him, too. I also have a boyfriend, but we barely know each other. We've had, only four conversations totally. And I'm in love with my ex-boyfriend. And he still likes me and he feels like he isn't good enough for his current girlfriend so he wants me back. But he's a big jerk. But I still love him. I don't know what to do.

Confused as H-E-C-K


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A:  Go for the ex
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B:  Forget them all and find yourself a new guy
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C:  Go for your boyfriend's ex
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D:  Stay with your current boyfriend

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