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  A:  Try to help him with being open        40%
  B:  Quit telling him how you feel. You're scaring him.        28%
  C:  Wait it out. He'll get used to it.        32%
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Dear Anyone,

I am a male student in High School, sophomore year. There is a girl who I really, really have a crush on. She seems to like me a lot, through various actions. However, I am not sure what to do because I am pretty overweight, and obviously not too attractive (I weigh 230 pounds and am 6 feet tall, and am visibly fat). I think she likes me, but maybe only as a friend. I take every oppurtunity to be with her and this does not seem to bother her, but I am reluctant to make any moves in my romance life due to my weight and appearance. I am trying to diet and excercise more but this is not working so far. A dance is coming up - how should I go about asking this girl?

Infatuated and Unattractive


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A:  Forget about this girl, she likes you only as a friend.
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B:  Don't let your weight stop you. Confidence is the key. Ask her out.
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C:  Lose weight first, to impress her.
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D:  Keep her as a friend, don't try and press the relationship to romance.

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