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  A:  Forget about him, there are more boys in your scho ...        38%
  B:  Approach him! What could go wrong?        33%
  C:  Hold off and see what happens        29%
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Dear Anyone,

I have this friend whom I gave this one guy's screen name. I wanted her to say something to him just so I can talk to him later. All of a sudden she became good friends with him and talks to him almost every day online. I talk to him sometimes. I feel heartbroken and betrayed as if she stole him from me and I feel like maybe he likes her. I told her that I feel that way but she tells me she just likes talking to him as a friend and she wouldn't consider being with him. She says she only talks to him when she's bored. Sometimes I wish I didn't give her his screen name in the first place.



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A:  Leave it alone. It's not worth losing a friend over.
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B:  Tell her to stay away from him because you want to make your move.
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C:  Do whatever you can to steal him back.
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D:  This is no way for her to treat you. Maybe you should reconsider your friendship with her.

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