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  A:  He probably likes you but was too shy to reply and ...        36%
  B:  He probably doesn't like you and asked you to the ...        31%
  C:  Get him alone. Tell him you like him and ask if he ...        33%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm fifteen. I have been in a relationship with "Taylor" for a month now. We are madly in love. I see him every day and we usually have sex. We've decided to be together forever. The other day he proposed to me but I am unsure of what to say. He dropped out of school and he used to do drugs and my parents don't like him much.

There's also another problem. There's another guy at school who likes me, "Shane." Everyone thinks he's amazing because he has impressive musical talent and he excels at school. My family would be happy if I were to end up with him. But I don't like him the way I love "Taylor".

I feel if I get with "Shane" it will be for the wrong reasons, yet I don't realistically see myself with "Taylor" forever.



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A:  Leave Taylor for Shane. You'll be better off in the long run.
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B:  Accept Taylor's proposal.
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C:  Say "no" to both Shane and Taylor. Taylor is bad news and Shane is not your type.
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D:  Become a lesbian. It's easier.

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