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  C:  Become her secret admirer for a while. Build up th ...        28%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been hanging out with Julia for the last couple of months. I like her a lot, but she doesn't seems to notice, or she doesn't care at all. She keeps talking about her ex-boyfriend, how she still loves him. This annoys me so so much! Now, if she were a normal girl, I would have already told her my feelings very clearly. The thing is, besides being the prettiest girl I've ever known, she's a dear friend, and I don't want to lose her by declaring my love. So, in this situation I prefer to keep in the shade until I'm sure of what to do. Please please please help me some way!

Desperately In Love, Need a Hand!


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A:  Give her up, dude, and get some pride. Why are you "in love" with someone who always talks about her ex? Have you no self-respect?
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B:  Spill the beans. What good is "love" that's bottled up inside? You'll never find real love until you take a chance.
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C:  Take baby steps. Just keep hanging out and sharing your friendship, and you never know... her feelings for you might grow over time.
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D:  Plant some seeds of doubt in her mind about the ex. Dog him, slag him and bad-mouth him, and maybe she'll turn her interest to you.

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