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Dear Anyone,

I like this guy. But I can't tell if he likes me. I've never thought of myself as a very attractive girl, and he is one of the hottest guys I've ever met. We were in a musical together. He came to me to ask me for my help in getting him set up with this other girl. (This was before I liked him). I tried to help him out, but since she was 26 and he was 20, things haven't really worked out. But he's always hugging me, and telling me that he loves me. I'm assuming he means as friends but I don't know. On one of the performance nights he gave me a rose and told me that I was beautiful. After I complimented him on my space, he commented back telling me that I am a beautiful wonderful girl and that everything I touch seems to turn to light. As the end of the musical drew near, he kept hugging me and saying that he was going to miss me so much etc. And the words I love you popped up a lot too...I'm so confused, because he still talks about that other girl and how beautiful she is, but he keeps saying that he doesn't have a chance. And now he is treating me like this, and I'm really confused...So my question is, what do you think? Does he like me or am I over-analyzing this whole thing?



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A:  He likes you as more than a friend
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B:  He just wants to be friends
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C:  Hard to tell

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