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  A:  She's got a boyfriend. Leave her alone.        33%
  B:  Tell her and her boyfriend both about your feeling ...        25%
  C:  Get a friend to tell her you like her.        22%
  D:  Try to steal her away from your friend/her boyfriend.        20%
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Dear Anyone,

A few weeks ago, I got really upset with my boyfriend because he was being a huge prick to me. When I asked him to talk about it, he told me that things were different because he felt like I was going through a moody phase. He said that he didn't think we worked anymore. But after telling him I was just defensive because I felt he was pushing me away, he admitted to me that he just felt I was pushing HIM away and that I really hurt him. He said that I should act like the girl he fell in love with, and we'll start over as friends and whatever happens in the future, happens. So, we both unnecessarily hurt the other due to miscommunication. I'm giving him space and we don't hang out as much as we did, and he doesn't call me as much as he did before things were getting weird. Currently we're hanging out a little more than when things got really rocky, and he's beginning to start flirting with me again. Everyone tells me I can do a thousand times better and I've tried to get over him, but I realize I still like him and I really want things to work out. I am afraid that even though he's told his close friends he's not closed to something happening with me in the future and that whatever happens, happens, I am afraid that he is afraid to let himself have feelings for me like that again. I am a sophomore in high school, and he is a senior who is going to college next year about 2 hours away.

Victim of Miscommunication


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A:  He is not ready for a commitment. Move on! Work on being just friends with him as he's going away for school anyway.
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B:  Build up your friendship and regain his trust. Go on from there.
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C:  If he really loved you that much, he should be willing to make things work. Be friends with him and strive for more.
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D:  Don't make an effort to continue being friends with him. There are other, less complicated, fish in the sea.

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