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Dear Anyone,

OK, the other day I had a friend of mine stay over. The day she got to my house we went to a water park for my little brother's birthday party. We had just changed into our swimsuits, and I noticed a big bruise on her leg. I knew she had been considering breaking up with her boyfriend, so I knew where it came from. When I asked her she said she fell. Well, that night, I overheard her and her boyfriend talking and he said if she ever tried to break up with him again, he would make her regret she was ever born. Please, I need help, and quick!!!



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A:  Confront your friend's boyfriend and warn him that if he hits her again, you'll call the cops.
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B:  Call the cops now. The time for warnings is over.
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C:  Tell an adult. They'll know what to do.
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D:  Warn your friend and let her make her own decision. That's all you can do.

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