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  B:  Go out with a guy and if you really like him and a ...        27%
  C:  Go out with a guy and if you really like him ask h ...        31%
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Dear Anyone,

I feel like I'm drifting apart from my friends. My boyfriend is the only one who's been there for me lately. I have matured a lot in the past year, and I think that might be the reason why. I try to make time for them, but they don't have time for me. My best friend and I don't talk often. I feel so lost. I don't make friends that easily because I'm quite different.

Kittie Corpse


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A:  Just move on. It sounds like you've outgrown your friends, which is perfectly natural. You'll find new friends "on your level" soon enough.
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B:  Hey, you've got a great boyfriend. In my world, if you have that, you don't have any problems at all.
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C:  Talk to your friends and let them know how you feel. If they don't know it's broke, they can't fix it.
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D:  Trust me, high school friends aren't worth keeping. You don't make real friends until later in life.

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