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  A:  Find the right time to talk to her about it.        39%
  B:  Ignore it and hope it is just a phase.        28%
  C:  Just be there for her. Don't say anything about it ...        32%
Total Votes: 1888

Dear Anyone,

I have a perfect life out of my house. I have a perfect man and the perfect friends but when I get home, its a living h**. I want to die. My parents think I am perfect and they think I love school and that I am not thinking about guys. Truth is I had my first tongue kiss in 4th grade. They don't know that obviously. I am a great student, but my parents just want more. I can't handle it anymore. Should I tell about the side of me they don know about me.

stressed in New York


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A:  Tell them the truth and hope they understand
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B:  Keep it a secret and wait till they could understand
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C:  Suck it up and deal with it

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