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Dear Anyone,

I'm working on getting back together with my ex-boyfriend. He has a lot of girls that are his friends and I don't like him talking to them because they don't like me and they "wanted" my ex-boyfriend even before we broke up, but I'm trying to get him to take me back. Out of all the girls that are friends with him, only two of them like me. And I can't take the fact that he talks to them. I stopped talking to all of my guy friends because I thought that he would get mad and upset. And before anyone says anything, yes, I am a jealous person. I admit that.

Tired and Upset in New Hampshire


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A:  Your ex-boyfriend was and is being disrespectful. If he really cares about getting back together, he should cut off ties with his female "friends."
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B:  Get yourself a ton of guy friends to talk to online. You'll only feel better when you level the playing field.
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C:  Guys and girls should never have to sacrifice friendships for love. You made a mistake by shutting out your guy friends in the past.
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D:  Girl, if you continue to act this jealously, it sounds unlikely that your ex will take you back.

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