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  A:  Stay in England; get a good education.        56%
  B:  Go back home to be with your family.        44%
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Dear Anyone,

I have had a crush on this girl for 7 years. She has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is my friend. I have another friend who likes her too. One day in school someone I told about it spread the word. I was so embarrassed and I really don't know what to do because I have a very slim chance of winning her heart (or that's what everyone else says). But I won't go with that and I'm very determined to go out with her. (I'm moving too so this will be very hard.)

hopeless kid


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A:  Ask her out.
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B:  You're moving. Make a fresh start there. You'll find other girls who will catch your eye.
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C:  Become her secret admirer for a while. Build up the anticipation. Then do the big reveal.

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