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Dear Anyone,

I was playing spin-the-bottle at my church (don't ask). Anyway, there was this guy named "Bob" and the bottle landed on him. If it lands on a person twice, you have to kiss on the lips. It was the second time. I had a boyfriend, "Larry", when it happened. I feel bad about not telling him, but I don't want him to get mad at me. What should I do?

Confused About a "Game"


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A:  Don't tell him. Remember, you were bound by the rules of the game to kiss the guy (you had no choice), so there's nothing to feel guilty about.
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B:  Tell him. He deserves to know where your lips have been. But make sure he knows you feel awful about it and that it won't happen again.
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C:  Don't tell him. You should feel a little guilty, but you're allowed to have secrets. Everyone does.
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D:  Where's your church? Sign me up!

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