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Dear Anyone,

One of my friends likes me and I don't know what to do because there are a lot of problems that go along with this. First of all I have heard that he only wants me for one thing. Most of my friends think that he is an a-hole because of that and they all think that I will NEVER go out with him. But then that brings me to my next problem. When I am talking about the stuff I heard I start to hate him but then as soon as I hang out with him I start to like him even more and more. So I really don't know what to do. Another one of my friends asked me out not that long ago but I said no and then when he heard about this new situation he started to get mad because I said I would never date a friend.. So do I not go out with him to make my friends happy and always wonder about it OR go out with him and risk some of my friends being mad at me?

I need help


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A:  Give it a shot. Go out with him.
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B:  If there's any chance he just wants to use you, don't go out with him.
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C:  Your friend will hate you if you go out with him. Don't do it.

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