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Dear Anyone,

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 4 months now. He's the best one so far and I've been through a lot of relationships. No one can even compare to him, except two things bother me about him. When I tell him how I feel about him he either ignores it or simply says "oh". I am his first real girlfriend and he tells me every day that he wouldn't know what he'd do without me, but I asked him about why he never acknowledges what I tell him, and he said he's not use to it and he wants to work on it, but I don't know how and this is killing me because I am an open person who loves to be in open relationships. What can I do?

The other thing is when he has a problem sometimes he goes to his friends, but not me. He trusts me just I'm not sure what do about that either?

So can you help me please?



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A:  Try to help him with being open
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B:  Quit telling him how you feel. You're scaring him.
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C:  Wait it out. He'll get used to it.

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