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  A:  Don't get back with her. It's unlikely she'll go f ...        32%
  B:  Go ahead and get back with her. With age, she has ...        22%
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  D:  It doesn't matter if this girl has changed. If you ...        22%
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Dear Anyone,

My boyfriend is a great guy but at times I feel like he doesn't care about me. He tried to be honest and told me he still had feelings for his ex and still talks to her. I was ok with it till he started acting weird. It got to the point when I was so mad that I agreed to meet my friend's cousin (Jay). Everything happened so quick! I loved Jay's personality. He was caring, sweet. and outgoing. I was honest to my boyfriend and told him what happened. He claims he wants to stay with me but I am not sure what I want. I want to stay with my boyfriend but what if I'm missing out on something good with Jay?

Confused Out Of My Mind!!!!


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A:  Stay with your boyfriend but keep Jay in mind as a plan B.
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B:  Give "Jay" a chance. Your boyfriend is acting weird.
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C:  If you can't decide between them then obviously neither truly interests you.
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D:  Whatever you do, don't go for Jay just because you wonder if things would be better with him. That's no way to live.

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