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  A:  Don't get back with her. It's unlikely she'll go f ...        32%
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Dear Anyone,

OK, there is this girl I have a crush on. I don't really talk to her, but I say hi to her every time we make eye contact. One of my real good friends likes her too, but she told me over instant messaging that she doesn't see herself getting into anything with him, but she told me that I'm "growing on her." I see myself being with her during my high school career, but just can't think of anything to say when I first talk to her. Please help me out (age 15).

Shy Cat in Indiana


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A:  Just ask her a simple question like, "What class do you have next?" Something will come from that.
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B:  Go up to her and give her a hug. Actions speak louder than words.
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C:  Pay her a compliment. Say, "I like your shoes," or "You look nice today." Charm goes a long way with girls.
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D:  Let her come up and talk to you. After all, girls have the gift of the gab.

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