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Dear Anyone,

I am 17 and have been dating this guy a year younger than me for about a month. The problem is he hasn't told his parents about us. I questioned him about it and he says his parents are just weird. The thing is, since he hasn't told his parents about us, we really can't go out on a date or anything. Like this weekend, I wanted to go out on a picnic but we could't do that. The only time I really get to spend with him is when I am over at his house. He is not even allowed over at my house. I love being with him and everything but I also want to go out and spend time with him in public places and stuff. PLEASE HELP!!

What Should I Do in Ohio


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A:  Just deal with it and wait for him to tell his parents in his own time.
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B:  Give him a couple more months, then confront him again if he hasn't told his parents yet.
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C:  Give him an ultimatum: "Tell your parents now or we're done!"
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D:  Find a new guy to date already. He sounds like he's not willing to fight his "weird" parents to be with you.

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