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  D:  Grin and bear it--all step-parents are from hell. ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

OK, before I ask my question, I just want to give a little background, and tell everyone just how much history is behind this question. Me and my girlfriend have known each other since she was 3 and I was 4, and our moms are best friends, and our dads are best friends. Now, even when I wasn't together with her, we still talked and acted like best friends. I don't think I could ever stop talking to her. I'm 14, and she's 13, and she's decided that she's ready to have sex. Now, I would be more then happy to do that with her, but, of course there are risks. Her mom is VERY protective of her, but she allows her daughter to date me, and I would hate to blow this perfect situation over an accidental pregnancy. It's not that I wouldn't wear a condom, but it's the fact that there's a 3% chance the condom wouldn't work that scares me. I really love my girlfriend, and I would love to have sex with her, but I don't want to get her pregnant, even if the chances are small. Please help me, I really need advice!

Lost in Lansing


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A:  Just do it. Even you said the chances of an accident are small.
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B:  Tell her that you should wait. 13 and 14 is way too young.
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C:  Ask a parent about it. They could make sure everything goes well.
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D:  There are other, pregnancy-free ways to have sex besides intercourse, ya know.

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