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  A:  Tell the stepmother exactly what you think. You ha ...        29%
  B:  Put up with it until you can both leave home, and ...        20%
  C:  Get your boyfriend to tell her what you think. It' ...        26%
  D:  Grin and bear it--all step-parents are from hell. ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

There's this guy named Billy. We were together for only 2 weeks but it was the greatest 2 weeks of my life. We spent 24/7 together and then everyone at school started saying he was cheating on me. I went home and cried for 3 hours straight and cried myself to sleep. At school the next day he even said himself he cheated on me so I broke up with him. Then a couple days later he called and said he didn't cheat on me he "promises." I really love him and want to ask him back out but I'm afraid he'll cheat on me again (or maybe he didn't cheat).

Rachel Holderfield


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A:  He may have cheated on you but you should give him another chance.
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B:  He didn't cheat on you. He was just trying to show off and you should give him another chance.
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C:  Whether he cheated on you or not, he has lied about this one way or another. Move on.

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