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  A:  Break up and move on. If her dad doesn't approve, ...        29%
  B:  Take the risk and talk to her dad about it. He mig ...        26%
  C:  Tell your girlfriend about your worries, and only ...        22%
  D:  Do nothing. Talking to her dad would be relationsh ...        23%
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Dear Anyone,

I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't seem to keep a relationship. I guess I prefer one night stands because then I don't have to see the guy again if I don't want to. But then I try to have real relationships with guys and I think I fall in love with them, but then after the word "love" is out there, everything just seems to disappear. I think it's just me, so I try to hold on for a while longer, but I can't and then after I break up with them. I can't help but think about them a lot of the time. This happens in every relationship that I try to be in. I can't seem to stay in one for longer then 3 months.

Lonely in Green Bay


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A:  Boys are stupid. Maybe you like girls.
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B:  You just haven't found the right one yet. Give it time. Heck, have you seen how many people are still dating into their 40s?
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C:  Maybe you're just going after the wrong guys. Whatever your "type" is, maybe it's time to try another one.
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D:  Dude, something's really wrong with you. Go to counseling and get some help.

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