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Dear Anyone,

I am going out with this one guy "Kenny," and I truly do love him with all my heart, soul, and mind, but he is going to high school next year and I am still in middle school. What's worse is he is going to a private high school, so I won't see him. I am truly happy with him, but I won't see him except on the weekends if he is allowed to come over, or if I go to church. But then I wouldn't know if he was cheating on me at school, and we would not see each other enough. I really want to stay with him. He makes me so happy, but I mean I could break up with him and go out with someone in my grade so I would see them all the time. I don't know what to do. Could you help me??

Loving Him in Florida


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A:  Stay with him. If he makes you that happy, then why let him go? Just use the time you do have with him wisely, and learn to trust him.
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B:  Break up with him and find someone you will see more of. Part-time relationships are super lame.
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C:  Just play it by ear. "Next year" is a long time away, so why stress now?
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D:  Love isn't a one way street. You have to talk with Kenny, and see how he feels about the situation before you can make a proper decision.

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