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  A:  Be honest. Tell your friends how important it is t ...        31%
  B:  Dude, you need new friends. People who ditch you d ...        23%
  C:  Act seriously if you want to be taken seriously. C ...        21%
  D:  Blow a gasket and raise a big stink the next time ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I would do anything for this one girl. I mean anything. I'm just kind of confused. She says she likes me and all her friends say she likes me, but she constantly blows me off and will never talk to me. Now she thinks I hate her because I don't talk to her. So I don't know what to do. I just don't want her to hate me. What do I do?

Don't Know What to Do In Massachusetts


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A:  No girl who likes you would blow you off. You'd better check the grapevine. It looks like you've been misinformed about this girl's feelings.
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B:  Just be friendly and talk to her. Maybe she just won't talk to you because she's shy or nervous.
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C:  Do something nice like putting a card in her locker, maybe with a poem in it. No girl could hate a guy for doing something nice.
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D:  Back off and let her come to you. If she's already blown you off, maybe she just needs a little space.

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