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Dear Anyone,

I've had a boyfriend and I didn't like him at all. I went out with him to try to make his friend jealous.I feel bad be cause he is a totally jack***. I went and used him. I decided not to tell him. I'm going to a new school next year. I haven't had a boyfriend since. I like this guy Q. And I tried to get with him and he didn't want to commit but he wanted to get with me. I'm going to an all girls school next year. Q is going to a coed school. I know if I was going with him he would probably cheat. But I still want him. Should I ask him out again and does that make me desperate?

Confused in Cleveland


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A:  Yes it makes you desperate, but ask him again.
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B:  Ask him again. It doesn't make you desperate, just persistent.
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C:  It totally makes you look desperate. Forget him.
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D:  It doesn't make you desperate, but don't ask him again, he doesn't like you.

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