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Dear Anyone,

I have a boyfriend and we both love each other to death. We're only 13 but anyone can tell we'll last froever. We've been going out for 2 months and 3 weeks and make out every day after school, but when he and my best friend were going out he liked me and my friend Sue. So I'm worried he likes other people while he's going out with me. I asked him about it and he said he doesn't like Sue anymore and that he never really liked my best friend while they were going out. But how do I know he's telling the truth if he lied to her while they were going out? I don't want to be hurt but I love him too much to break up with him with no proof he still likes Sue. Sue and her boyfriend just broke up and I'm worried he may break up with me to go out with her because I think she's prettier, taller, and smarter than I am. I'm so confued. I'm only 13. What should I do?

Hopelessly Lost


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A:  Listen to your gut. If it says you can't trust him, then go with that. Break up with him.
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B:  Talk to him about it and see if you can get a better read on whether he's lying.
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C:  Just try to keep him away from Sue and your relationship will go fine.
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D:  For any relationship to work there must be trust. Even if sometimes the trust gets betrayed. If you can't get yourself to trust him, then it won't last.

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