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Dear Anyone,

My best friend has been through a lot of really hard times in her life and she's only 15. Her father died right in front of her when she was a kid and her uncle molested her. She is now in foster care for that reason. She is happy with the family she is living with but things aren't going as well as they were. Since even before she was moved to foster care, she was into the "goth" trend. I believe in being yourself, but I let her have her fun, thinking it was just a phase (like it was with me) and that it was harmless. She still hasn't gotten over it, but now she's changing. She was an innocent sort of person when I first met her last year, but now she has an attitude now and keeps burying herself in her own angsty lyrics. It's getting her in trouble with her foster parents and messing up her life all over again. I want to talk to her about it but I don't want to mess things up in our relationship.



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A:  Find the right time to talk to her about it.
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B:  Ignore it and hope it is just a phase.
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C:  Just be there for her. Don't say anything about it since it will just push her away from your valuable friendship.

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